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Artnet spi Dmx led Controller TC809 support madrix

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Online Artnet-Pixel (spi/dmx) led controller offline stand-along player Madrix effects record dmx Triggering

Artnet to dmx converter, Art-Net Input, SPI/DMX output, Support Madrix software etc.
  • Model :CS-TC809
  • Input :Art-Net
  • Output :8 Ports
  • Universe :6U(1020 pixels) /1 port
  • Protocol :DMX / SPI / TTL
  • Control mode :Cascade-controller
The TC808 controller is a controller with LCD digital interface display, which converts Ethernet signals into various pixel lamp chip signals. It adopts standard Ethernet protocol and supports Art-Net protocol. Eight output ports can control a variety of LED driver chips and support automatic addressing. The input network port can be directly connected to the computer network card, and can also be connected to a switch and a photoelectric converter. It is widely used in buildings, municipal lighting, stage scenery, entertainment venue decoration, etc.; it can achieve various running changes such as horse racing, running water, tailing, color painting, scanning, raindrops, etc. It has the advantages of convenient wiring and simple use; Single unit can be used in cascade connection.
Functions and features
  1. Support Art-Net protocol, can cooperate with mainstream software such as MADRIX.
    2. The controller have 8 ports, can control 8160 pixels at most. The Max number of control pixels for each port is 1020.
    3. Address code for DMX chip.
    4. It can be directly connected to the computer network card for online use.
    5. The controller can be used as a single unit, or multiple units can be cascaded to use, and supports multiple connections of switches.
    6. Flexible use, sub-control cascade, can be interchanged arbitrarily, and has strong adaptability to lighting engineering.
    7. Enhanced TTL level signal or RS-485 differential signal output
    8. Long transmission distance, the transmission signal adopts standard Ethernet T568B line sequence protocol, and the nominal distance is 100 meters.
    9. Built-in test program,
    10. Port ESD anti-static protection design
    11. Power input interface reverse connection protection design
Controllable IC type & IC model
Download the offline software here
Download the madrix 5.0 version software here please.(need our key to open it after installing )
Download the english user manual here
Download the  Chinese user maual here
take noted for installling madrix.
Please uninstall other previous versions of Madrix 5.0.
       Install the main program first. After copying the patch file to the desktop program, right-click to open the software as an administrator. After opening the software, do not choose to upgrade, otherwise the software will not be opened. If you can't open it after upgrading, you need to uninstall and reinstall it completely. Or you can uncheck the upgrade check box in the software settings.
       In Preferences, Options, Startup. If the computer has the madrix 3 software installed, you do not need to uninstall the 3 version.
Some computers can't be turned on, you can do this,
1. Right-click to open as an administrator
Uninstall 360 Mobile Assistant, put the root directory file on the taskbar of the computer, and open it in the taskbar
2. Uninstall the anti-virus software Tencent Computer Manager and turn off the built-in anti-virus software
3. There is no graphics card option for the right-click of a single laptop
NVIDIA graphics card option changed to automatic
4. The discrete graphics card cannot be opened in the mode, and the single-machine right-click is opened with the integrated graphics card, and then update the driver or make the system again
5. When the computer turns on the effect, the up, down, left, and right arrows not bedisplayed, which is a resolution problem
6. If there is 360 software to add trust. otherwise the file will be killed

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