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WS2812B Non-Waterproof 96 Pixel/1m Addressable Pixel Strip for Arduino - 1 Meter Strips

Product Code: WS-1493

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WS2812B Individually addressable led strip. Each led can be controlled individually. RGB Led Strip (96LEDS/M) Non-Waterproof 5V DC 5-20Amp Power Requirement WIRE Connection RED=+/VCC,GREEN=DATA,WHITE=GROUND

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​​​​​​This is WS2812B Addressable LED Strip DC 5V (Non-Waterproof) 96 LEDs/m. The installation surface must be smooth, clean, and dry. The part of LED components cannot be fixed on the surface of the sharp edges. The strip should not be collided or crushed. The strip can be cut following the cutting lines 24-bit color control (8-bit PWM per channel); 16.8 million colors per pixel. The one-wire digital control interface with each RGB LED draws approximately 50 mA at 5 V with red, green, and blue at full brightness.
Package Includes:-
1 Meter WS2812B 96 Pixel Strips
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