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WSX960 Music WIFI Controller with Android and IOS web App Almost Support All the LED IC Chip like WS2812B WS2811, WS2813, Buli-in Mic Input

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WIFI Controller with Android/IOS web app

960 Pixel control

DC 5v for WS2812B and 12v for WS2811

Buli-in Mic Input

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WSX960 Musical LED controller allows you to control the LED strips as per musical notes. Plenty of colorful modes are available to suit your needs. Can be set and controlled via Wifi App connecting to the controller over Wifi access point that makes it convenient to control LEDs from a long distance.
Voltage range from DC 5V to 12V and includes reverse connection protection of the power supply.

1. 118 kinds of non-music effects.
2. 71 color palette supported, this helps in playing 118 x 71 (8,378) unique non-music color patterns.
3. 20 kinds of LED strip music effects.
4. Matrix support is available.
5. 3 Matrix effects supported.
6. Setting pixel number supports up to 960 pixels.
7. Audio input through built-in MIC. It captured the sound of the outside world.
8. Adjustable. The speed, brightness, number of pixels, color order, and sensitivity are adjustable.
9. Auto Mode Supported - all supported non-music effects would be played sequentially after 10 secs (color palette won't be affected).
10. Music mode and non-music mode can be arbitrarily changed. It can play lighting effects appropriately.
11. User setting saving.
12. One Year Warranty. Providing technical services

1. Make sure you have connected to an Access point (WSPIXEL_) on your phone.
2. Open the browser and connect to the controller using 12345678 as password. once connected you will see the app on the browser to control effects.
3. Select RGB order and IC type under the setting tab.
4. Adjust the pixel number according to the connected strip.

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